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Website Design
& Build • Brand Build

3 weeks

Our client, Brian Orlov Photography, wanted to launch new service after more than two decades of owning his photography studio. With many events under his belt, he had a great understanding of the new service's scope but want it to be showcased visually through a brand new website, logo design and brand voice language. 

We worked together to define his new brand voice and purpose, creating a new name for his social media photo booth service and defining his package structure and business model. From there, we were able to see a clear vision of what his evolved business model looked like and how he could tailor his business and marketing strategies to engage his community and meet his 2018 business goals.

We designed a simple yet styled parallax vertical scrolling site that clearly outlines his emerging tech style of service, including the highlight of the value add this could being to a company's culture. 


TAGS: Website Design, Full Brand Re-Design, Logo Design & Build, UX, Coding, Art Direction


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