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Website Design
& Build • Brand Redesign

5 weeks


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Our Client, Jenny Arnold, contacted us about working on a revised website look and feel. Her goal initially was to relaunch her Texas-based company as just a design firm, choosing to close the brick and mortar retail leg of her business. As our collaboration evolved, she realized that she had even a larger shift in her business that she wanted to embrace for 2018 - launching a 2nd city location of her design firm and focusing more on new construction design projects AND changing her name. 

We shifted our work on developing her brand identity and visual story under her new business model, crafting her structured packages, highlighting her design experience and knowledge and showcasing her valuable understanding of new build projects and everything that happens inside of one. 

We are still collaborating on this wonderful (new) business POV for Jenny, an exciting website that features her fantastic design aesthetic, design philosophy and kind, personable business rapport. 

TAGS: Website Design, Brand Re-Design, UX, Coding, Art Direction


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