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our brand new plans…Standard & Standard+

We are thrilled to introduce Orlov Design Co.’s new modern model for helping your small business succeed…. our monthly subscription plans. We are offering free website design with month-to-month website management.

Learn more our new packages.



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Free Design, all the time. We have completely changed the barrier to entry for every small business to be able to afford a custom and effective website design. With our new modern model, clients get free website design, all the time.

The Modern Model. With our Standard & Standard+ subscription website models, our custom designed 4-page or 6-page website for your amazing business. Clients pay a monthly fee and get tons of goods every month. No design fee. No hosting fee. No worries.

What’s In A Name? Everything! You own your domain name and we do a free transfer to your new website when we launch.

Content is All Yours. You provide your assets (your logo, images, copy, details, etc) and we take care of everything else. We handle the design, the hosting, the free integrations, standard SEO, domain transfer, all service maintenance, and more.

Care is all Ours. We have unlimited communication lines with you so you feel taken care of. It takes a village to run an incredible small business and we want to be part of yours.



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Our Original Model. When we launched Orlov Design Co. in 2016, our goal was to design and build elevated, effective and accessible websites. And it still is!

One Flat Rate. With our Styled Website Design + Build plan, your advanced website design project has all the bells and whistles for just one fee. You pay a deposit to commence our project & then the remainder upon wrap & launch.

Scope of Work = Whatever you Want. Every company has their own brand voice and their own definition of success. Through our work together, we will design a styled and compelling website which features your brand message and voice in a manner that resonates with your community.

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our always plan…


Our original and always plan - Styled Website Design & Build

We still (love) & do our original model of Website Design + Build for one fee. Like all of our website collabs, you provide your assets and copy and we design it all. #SoGood

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squarespace #yes

An overview of why we use Squarespace for our Orlov Design Co. clients (and even our own website!) Read more about why we love Squaresace for their templates, hosting and amazing Customer Service.



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While there are certainly solid website platform companies available that are comparable to Squarespace, we believe that Squarespace offers the best 360-experience from cost to style to customer service to flow to operations.

Beyond the award-winning operations and analytic options for managing and understanding the efficacy of your website, Squarepsace has the best quality designed templates - virtually limitless design ideas. With over 50 options, your custom site will be totally fresh, modern and effective for your brand voice. And every Squarespace template is thoughtfully designed to incorporate cutting-edge UI/UX best practices, seamless mobile responsiveness, full integration, expandable and flexible options and more.

We are proud (and humbled!) to be a Squarespace Circle Member, a vetted community of Squarespace Designers & Experts.

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About Our Team

Meet Rebecca and our team of talented partners.



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About Rebecca Orlov.
Rebecca Orlov is the Founder and Creative Director of Orlov Design Co. She loves to collaborate with clients to concept beautiful, functional and effective websites.With two decades of creative development & project management experience in advertising & lifestyle marketing, Rebecca has paired her valuable knowledge and experience working with Fortune 500 companies and Influencers with her passion for website and brand design. Since 2008, Rebecca has been shaping conversations through her writing. Her first blog, loving. living. small., was selected by InStyle magazine as Best of Web | Home 2010. She was also selected as an InStyle Style-Setter. For the last decade, Rebecca has contributed to influential websites & publications, including HGTV, Apartment Therapy, PopSugar, Houzz, Washingtonian, HouseBeautiful, Etsy, and more. Rebecca currently is a contributor for VEGAS magazine and LUXURY Las Vegas magazine. Growing up outside Washington, D.C. and living most of her life in Los Angeles & New York City, Rebecca now calls Las Vegas home. She is the proud mom to her young daughter and she loves supporting local business & community.

Our Talented Collective of Creative Partners.
We are humbled to call many amazing & talented vendors our Creative Partners. We have established our network of the following to help you with your website scope: Publicist, Instagram Experts, Graphic Designers, Production Companies, Videographers, Photographers, SEO Experts, Trend Forecasting, Event Planning, and more.

Twenty Years of Experience.
With 20 years of broadcast production & content strategy paired with 12 years of lifestyle blogging and Influencer partnerships with major brands, Orlov Design Co. has a completely unique and valuable 360-mix of knowledge, experience and, very importantly, understanding of how incredibly large (Fortune 500 companies) and quite nimble (an individual Influencer with incredible following and engagement) companies develop, produce and syndicate their brand voice. We have been part of shaping these community conversations over the years.

A select list of clients & brands we have partnered with:

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