I am Rebecca Orlov, the Founder & Creative Director of Orlov Design Co. Welcome to our blog and journal.

Here you will find inspiration and ideas for designing your best brand self and website experience. We love sharing free goods, ideas and more for helping you succeed in building and managing your awesome small business.

TBH, I was on the fence about doing a blog. Building a business take so much time and I didn't know if I had the capacity to include sharing stores. But I want to share them so I make the time. I also believe blogging is a wonderful way to connect and support each other. As an early adopter to blogging, I have seen the maven stage all the way to the saturated stage and to now - the curated stage. Think slow blogging. Think "I have something really cool to share so I am making time out of my crazy busy work day to do this".

And now is a good time. Mixed with other awesome social platforms, you can really see a company’s story unfold and join in on the journey while creating and getting inspiration for your own. #YES


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