a little pov

We hope you are smiling at our POV comparing our new subscription models to a gym membership. The gym? Or your business website? Both are important for mind, body and soul and both provide key elements in your life.

That being said, the $ per month that you put into the gym can simply go towards one of the most (if not THE most) tool for your business - your website.

The beauty of our subscription model is that they are SUPER affordable for any business. Basically the cost of a gym. Not only that, you can design your annual budget so much more easily because you are not out-of-pockets thousands of dollars to pay for your website. Read on to learn more about our two subscription models - Standard & Standard+ - and check out live sites.


a standard plan website

We love our new Standard Plan, a 4-page custom Squarespace website for only $199/month. #SoGood We design your site from scratch and collaborate on the flow, style and functionality to showcase your key business goals.

And because you get 3 x free updates per month, you can evolve your messaging, call-to-actions and images as you need and your business needs change.

We invite you to check out how styled & elevated one of our 4-page websites look over at our client’s, Makers & Doers, website.

contact makers.jpg

a standard+ plan website

For our clients who are looking for a few more pages to share their style, we suggest our Standard+ plan. This is a 6-page website and come with 5 x free content updates per month plus tons of other goodies to curate and manage your site.

Check out one of our latest Standard+ clients, the lovely Varnish Design. We worked with our client to showcase her aesthetic and style while curating her beautiful work in a meaningful way.