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Our fave apps for photo editing.


Ahhhhh Instagram.


You are so shiny and fun, it's easy to forget that there is a lot of work that goes into crafting the perfect post. Wait, did I just write WORK? Ugh. Yes, I did.

Since we all are so busy and don't have a ton of time to do social for our companies, it's smart to use apps and ideas to do the heavy lifting. On that note, here are 3 of my absolute faves that will help you bring your Instagram Game to the 100. 



Oh la la UNFOLD is our absolute (new) fave photo editing app. Actually, UNFOLD is more like a creative toolkit to edit and style your images inside templates vs. the look of them. The templates are gorgeous, simple yet style. We recommend starting with Snapseed and then importing them right in here. And you can totally use UNFOLD to create Stories so get in there and have some fun!



We love SNAPSEED, a photo editing app that really lets you evolve the bright and light vibes of your photos. There are tons of pre-set filters ready to go or you can play around with the 20+ tools - so fun! Click through above to see my AFTER photo at the end. Pair your exported SNAPSEED photos to UNFOLD for the best of the best. 





A COLOR STORY is another fave for building and filtering not only images BUT adding amazing text (there are so many pretty fonts), gorgeous patterned backgrounds to the entire image or to a shape and video effects - like type that fades on or backgrounds that pan left/right. We also love that they offer almost every social media photo spec option so you can easily frame your Stories, or FB Profile pic, etc. We recommend building out some of these posts and then adding them to your UNFOLD story.