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Welcome to Exercise 03

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You are more than half way done! #SoGood

+ Now that you have your deep dive answers completed and your mission statement developed, let's craft your Executive Summary. This is typically the first page of almost every business plan. While business plans are typically used to secure financial investment, crafting your Executive Summary is worthwhile exercise for creating a snapshot of your business model. Again, this is to help you clearly understand your business so you can design financial paths and successes from there. 

+ There are several ways to comprise this summary and we have structured your exercise to be an opportunity to understand and define your brand and business model even further. This should be a fairly quick exercise after the great work you have already completed. 


OVERVIEW • As we mentioned above, the Executive Summary is the first page of any business plan and will provide a top level view of your business. Your business plan is your hypothesis of what you think will happen once your open for business. In regards to our Brand Design + Build project, the objective is to have a very clear perspective on what you do and how you help people so you can design marketing and content around this to engage potential clients and customers. 

EXERCISE • For this exercise you will, yes, be answering more questions. (We already know that you are awesome at this!) The method of Q&A requires a lot of thought and consideration. It may seem tasking but it's a cognitive way to embrace your ideas. 

EXERCISE GOALS • To showcase your entire business on one page

EXERCISE TIMELINE • 30 - 60 minutes 


  • This exercise is more concise. You can certainly free form initially but, ideally, we want to have a succinct and styled answer per question
  • Make sure to have EXERCISE 01 and 02's recaps handy for review
  • Think about the words that you keep repeating
  • It is not always easy to write about yourself or promote yourself although this exercise requires this thought. To help you, think of this as your "value-add" and your hard work shining on paper
  • Try not to compare yourself to others, rather think about what YOU do and who YOU are as a business
  • If you aren't feeling inspired, stop, take a break. Start again when you are feeling the vibe (a glass of wine help! :)
  • Any questions? Pls reach out • hello@orlovdesigco.com


Articulates the purpose of your business. In a few sentences describe what your company does and your core values and business philosophy. You have our work from Exercise 02 so use this or evolve it. This is a great time to make sure it makes sense and is relevant to you.


Give a brief history of your company - describe your products and/or services, when and where it was formed, who the owners and key employees statistics such as the number of employees, business locations, etc.


Describe the evolution of your business. How was it developed and structured? What are your services? How are your projects or products showcased? What is your active income structure? What is your passive income structure? What are your  work flow models?


Describe your goals for the business goals. How do you want to grow and to expand the business or otherwise increase profits.


Think about your passion for your services what you enjoy about the process, what you hope a client or customer receives from the experience working with you.

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