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What exactly is a subscription website?

We do a custom website design, launch and site management for your business that you essentially “lease month-to-month”. Clients get free design and pay a small fee per month instead of paying a huge deposit up front.

Free design? Sounds too good to be true.

Yes, every Client gets a custom and styled new website for free. We work with you to position your site for your business goals. Clients just pay a small monthly fee.

Do I still get strategic design to help position my brand message?

Of course! Orlov Design Co. is built on the importance and integration of strategic design thinking and art direction for each client's business goals. Our by-the-month price is to empower any business to have a custom, beautiful and (as importantly) functional website experience for their curious site visitors.

What are your two subscription plans?

We currently have two subscription plans and clients get their Squarespace designed for free. Standard (4-page website) or Standard+ (6-page website)

What do I get each month?

Orlov Design Co. manages your site 100% and you get tons of good stuff. Download our full list right here. In the meantime, here are just five of the top level components you get per month:


So you own our Squarespace site? Can we ever own it ourselves?

Correct. Orlov Design Co. purchases your Squarespace website you your behalf and we fully manage it for you (all tech maintenance, free hosting, content updates, creative changes, etc) per month for our 12-month contract. If you'd like to own your site after this, you absolutely can. We have a Transfer of Ownership option - you can request this at the end of your term, pay the transfer fee and the site is registered back to you within 24 hours. At this point, our contract is over and you own your site, manage it, etc.

Do I own my domain name though?

Yes! Clients always own their domain name. We just “map” it (or point it) towards your new site when we are ready to launch.

What if I want to stay with Orlov Design Co. for another year? Does the price go up?

It goes DOWN! #YES We extend a % discount for clients signing another year. And we really recommend Orlov Design Co. this for many reasons. First, you have already invested into your site experience - both financially and creatively. If you were to takeover your own site, you would spend at least $2,700 MORE to manage it the 2nd year on your own. Second, we know you. We know your business, your goals, your team and your brand. We like to consider ourselves your "creative partner" and want to be a resource for your success.

What about all the content on the site - the pieces I provide and also the new items we create during this process?

It’s all yours! All of it. Clients provides assets (your logo, images, copy, details, etc) and layer in additional images and graphics depending on your need. And, the best part, we take care of everything else. We handle the design, the hosting, the free integrations, standard SEO, domain transfer, all service maintenance, and more. And every new asset we create for you is also yours in perpetuity.

This all sounds great • what are next steps?

Awesome! Here is how this works.

1 • We do an initial phone consult for every potential project to learn more about you and your business goals and visions. We also share more about Orlov Design Co. our plans, process and timelines.

2 • Once our contact is signed, we lead you through an onboarding and prep process. Clients need to have their business model defined along with your creative assets - your logo, your images, your copy, etc. Read here about our streamlined process.

3 • We do a kick off call to review scope of work and confirm our production schedule

4 • Phase 1 - Wireframe Design (the blueprint of your new site)

5 • Phase 2 - Art Direct + Build (the design of your site. We do about 3 review rounds)

6 • Launch

7 • Celebrate #cheers