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Our latest work was a fantastic 360-brand development and build collaboration with new artisanal catering company, CHEESEVEGAS. The team came to us with just one thing - an idea. They asked us to guide them in crafting their Executive Summary, service and experience as well as their entire look and feel. 

We spent time developing their business model, defining several important touchstones for them - their clients & customers and their own team members. They wanted to create a business that created memorable experiences while being a thoughtful, fun and innovative company culture. 

Once the brand essentials and brand voice were in place, we art directed the brand tool kit, all graphic design elements, packaging and marketing collateral. We designed and built the entire UX of the site with the idea that we would be evolving the site and business experience in segments - seasons. We love this work and love these clients. It's truly amazing how a simple idea can become a thoughtful consumer experience through design and teamwork. 

TAGS: Business Development • Logo Design • Website Design • Art Direction • Brand Development • Formatting • UX • Photography

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