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We recently wrapped this fantastic collaboration with our sweet and talented client, Nikki of VIVE WORKSHOP.

Nikki came to us to reimagine and revise her visual narrative. She already had a working site but was ready to update her digital experience to a more styled, elevated and seamless way. After building her own initial site, she had a good handle on her business model and brand voice - she needed a new way to reinterpret her style. 

We concepted a visual story which included various gallery pages showcasing Nikki's pretty, casual and collected style. We introduced this right away on the main page above the fold to begin the site visitor's experience. We also wanted to use a very simple yet modern font palette that we weaved through the site to create a cohesive style. We also designed several parallax scrolling pages that seamlessly fit together, like the ABOUT section. Overall, the new VIVE WORKSHOP is a beautiful and compelling experience. 

TAGS: Website Design, Art Direction, Copywriting, Website Build, HTML

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