Every business is unique with their own set of business goals, demographic, services and aesthetic. Every Standard Orlov Design Co. site comes with a nav bar section and a footer section along with 4-pages to showcase your brand, company, services and style.

Our amazing client - MAKERS & DOERS - has a beautiful, styled and custom 4-page website for the soon-to-launch coworking space. They are currently building out their 1st physical location so the Standard subscription plan is 100% what they need - a small monthly fee vs. a really large chunk of money.

As you can see, there is so much information on here from their compelling brand message to their early access to their list of awesome amenities to their aesthetic. Read below to learn more.

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  • Payment integrations

  • Instagram feed

  • Video uploads

  • Blog design & narrative

  • Sticky navigation

  • Blog Category Nav

  • Parallax scroll

  • Map integration

  • Cover Page / Video

  • Custom nav bar

  • Full width images

  • 6 x image design options

  • Navigation Bar layout options

  • Secondary navigation option

  • Newsletter/mailing list integration

  • 50+ integrations

  • Colors

  • Graphics

  • Images

  • Fonts

  • Logo

  • Gallery displays

  • Overlays

makers logo.png





This is an example of a cover page, a neat design option available in Squarespace….and an awesome option for your business website. This is a very styled and powerful way to showcase videos or images at full screen. We love doing cover pages to introducing new site visitors to your amazing company.




This is an example of a page that scrolls. We have added in a banner image GIF to fall at full bleed so it falls behind the nav and the logo. (Want to see what a navigation bar can look like above an image/against white? Check out our Standard+ website showcase here.)

This also shows how a layer of text can look over an image. This is the perfect real estate to share your main and powerful brand message.

We also are sharing what a grid gallery looks like, this one is seen through the amenity icons and is set to 7 per row. You have options of going from 1 - 20 per row for your gallery grid.

We are also showing you what the nav and footer look like. In this website, the navigation at the top has the logo top left and the nav top right. You can also make the image land below the nav, leaving a white space for the logo and nav to live in. (Click here to see how this looks)

And we are also showing you what an email form looks like. We can art direct this in a fresh way to encourage site visitors to add in their info and subscribe.




This is another showcase of a banner image in the intro section. We are also showing you how images look using the Poster design option (there are 6 options total). This is when the text falls over the image.

We are also showing how we can add buttons for powerful call-to-actions to encourage site visitors to click through and check out more.




An example of how simple yet style the form block can look. This is a really expandable block with tons of options here. One design nuance we often provide for free is the single line contact form (Just one of the free integrations that we share with you.)