As we prep for our logo design collaboration, please answer the following questions. Section 1 focuses on your business and Section 2 focuses on your visual inspiration. Think about a logo mark and its true goal. Below are five perspectives and styles to consider as we develop your logo identity. Also remember that nothing is set in stone. Your logo can certainly evolve as you evolve! (We love that!)

Original: contain some visual elements, such as color combination or design elements, that no other company has.

Timeless: avoid incorporating trendy design concepts, to ensure your logo will "age well" over time.

Adaptable: the logo should scale well from thumbnail to a much larger scale. It should also translate well to both print and digital formats.

Memorable: While "memorable" can be a difficult concept to test, your logo should leave a lasting impression.

Relevance: Your logo should be clearly connected to your industry or products and services.



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Describe both your short terms goals for 2018 as well as your 3-year longterm goal(s). This is to help learn more about who you are as a business and your ultimate dreams.)
Think about the first impression goal as well as the integrated goal (seeing your logo in various places/platforms, etc)
Are there current brands that you find appealing? Please list their URLs and also a short note about what you love about them.
Who are your ideal clients? What is their gender? Their income level? Their style? Their project needs? Their education?


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• Typography (words only) • Pictography (words and image) • Watermark (only image)
Please provide up to 3 and put in order of use. Color 1 - Lead color Color 2 - Accent color 1 Color 3 - Accent color 2
Please share up to 2 fonts that you love and why you love them? Is there a current site's font that you love? Pls share the links below as well.
Any additional assets that you would like to be included in your logo? For example, lines, dots, swipes, icons, images, etc.
How large will you want your logo to be/feel on your website and collateral (business cards, templates, etc.) Here are two examples: • Small Logo: https://team-archers.com/Work-Header-Top • Larger Logo: https://www.workparty.com/
Please share links.
Share anything else that inspires you in regards to your business look and feel. Pls share links.