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Website Audit Collaboration


The main purpose for a website audit falls into two categories - assessment of functionality and visual touchstones. We want to make sure that every component of your site - both in function and in form - works and works well so site visitors can seamlessly navigate through to you.

Before we dive into your Website Design + Build experience, we will thoroughly go through each page and section. We will share our considerations & ideas with you in a deep dive session, providing an actionable list of revisions.



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  •  Is your website’s navigational menu easy to use?

  • Have you defined (or are you using) a color scheme on your website for brand consistency?

  • Is your site’s typography and fonts easy to read?

  •  Are you using high quality graphics and images on your website?

  • Are your header images consistent throughout your site?

  • Is the overall design of your website cohesive and consistent with your company’s branding?

  • Is your website mobile friendly + (responsive)?

  • Are you using custom images that are a consistent size and quality throughout your website?

  • Are your product images high-quality and a consistent size?

  • Are the colors used harmoniously and logically related?

  • Are the color choices visually accessible?

  • Do your social media icons complement your font palette?

content + pages

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  • Have you clearly defined the goal for all of the pages that you have added to your website?

  • Do you have primary and secondary CTA’s (Calls to Action) on all of your pages that lead your visitors to a desired action?

  • Do you have a landing page connected to your website that you can use to collect email addresses and follow up with your email subbies later?

  • Does your about page describe the problems that you solve in simple and easy to understand to your readers?

  • Is your web copy clear and easy to understand?

  • Does your copy.make your target audience feel they are in the right place?

  • Does your website have a consistent hierarchy for conversions?

  • Is there an email signup form on each page?

  • Does your website include a piece of high-value content for each topic you want to target?

  • Is your content optimized for users and search engines?


purpose + intent

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  • Have you defined who your website will serve?

  •  Have you defined “how” your website will serve your audience?

  •  Do you have a compelling marketing message on your site tailored to the audience that you want to serve?

  •  Is your opt-in offer prominently displayed on your website?

  •  Does your opt-in offer clearly solve ONE problem for one type of person you want to attract to your site?

  • Was your navigation defined by first understanding how your users navigate your website?

  • Does your navigation methods and labels align with how your users think and the vernacular they use when talking about your products or services?

  • Are your most important pages in your primary navigation?Does each of your drop downs within your primary navigation include less than four links?

  • Does your website only contain a primary and secondary navigation, or does it include additional navigation that does not provide user or search engine value?

  • Do your blog articles contain internal links that point to other relevant pages and content on your website?

marketing goals

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  • Have you created multiple funnel paths to turn your visitors into email subscribers?

  •  Do you have a plan in place to drive traffic and visitors to your website?

  •  Do you have a system in place to track visitor behavior and interactions on your site?

  •  Have you clearly defined the results that you want your website to produce?

  • Is your lead generation/capture system connected to your website to site to collect email addresses?


We always want to make a wonderful first impression.

Creating a special and thoughtful experience to attract your niche customers and clients is our goal.